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3 Things Every Student-Renter Needs To Know For College Housing

The need for college housing both on and off campus has increased because more people are getting a higher education level. Even after undergraduate programs, students are seeking graduate degrees. This has increased the need for college housing. Renting in a university town off-campus can be a great option for students who are ready to take on more responsibility and independence. From finding an apartment, choosing roommates, and signing a lease, here are 3 tips for finding student housing.

1. Finding an Apartment or House

To kick off our tips, we suggest searching for housing well in advance. This gives you the flexibility to find a nice place that checks all the boxes on your list. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a house or apartment. Those looking to be off campus at the beginning of the next academic year should be looking at the end of their current academic year. Students should consider how far or close they want to be to campus, their budget, and what amenities they want. View our rental properties here.

2. Choosing Roommates

Choosing a roommate or multiple roommates requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Most students have already experienced living with a roommate in a residence hall, but living off campus is a different scenario. It requires more responsibility such as paying bills, dividing rent, signing lease agreements, and taking care of the space. When searching for a roommate, it is also key to be upfront with which type of person you’re looking for. This depends on your personality and how you want your living situation to look like. Although it may be fun to live with your friends, some find it best to look for other like-minded roommates to preserve friendships.

3. Leasing Agreement

Once you have found the perfect off-campus accommodation, roommates, and have ensured it isn’t a scam, it’s time to sign your leasing agreement. It’s important to review the terms of the agreement to make sure everyone that lives in the space understands the agreement. Typically, off-campus housing requires a 12-month lease. Certain landlords allow for sub-leases during summer months, however, some do not. It’s important to make sure that a property inspection is done at the beginning and end of the rental agreement in order to ensure students are not charged for any pre-existing problems with the home.

How Can Wilson Property Management Help?

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