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3 Tips for Running an HOA

Running an HOA is a huge responsibility. In order to have a stress-free community, it is important to create rules that are both enforceable and flexible. Build a community that people will love to live in!

Make Rules that Community Members Can Follow

As mentioned, when establishing rules for your community, make them reasonable. Over-the-top rules will cause community members to struggle in following every single one. Consider the basics, such as keeping the yard free of debris, keeping the grass cut and hedges trimmed, etc. Make sure to keep seasons in mind as well. For example, if you require houses to be pressure washed, refrain from requiring this in the frigid winter months, as it will likely not be completed by every community member.

Listen to Community Members

If you begin to notice that community members are fighting against a rule, take a moment to listen to them. The rules are in place to serve the community members, so take consideration into changing them to fit the needs of the changing community.

Use Site Inspections Fairly

Site inspections ensure that all properties are adhering to guidelines properly, but people tend to feel opposed to having someone walk into their homes unannounced to do an inspection. Be sure to inspect each and every home in the community rather than choosing select homes. That way, no one will feel as if they are being individually targeted. If a homeowner becomes upset about an inspection, you can let them know that the entire community is being inspected, not just them. This may help to ease their concerns.

An HOA’s goal is to make the community a comfortable place to live. Follow these tips for a drama-free community!