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3 Tips to Get Your Apartments in Raleigh NC Ready for Severe Weather

Even though the Atlantic Hurricane Season started back in June, the most active month for North Carolinians to be struck is September. Meaning that once again it’s time to be as prepared as possible for an event of this magnitude. Luckily, Wilson Property Management has extensive experience in NC property management, and we are always ready for unexpected weather conditions. Hurricane preparedness is one of the most important topics tenants need to know about. As we begin to see stormy conditions more often, Wilson Property Management would like to remind you of a few things before a hurricane hits your area:

1. Remain Calm

Against all weather updates and predictions, Wilson Property Management NC property management recommends you to stay calm and focused on your safety and your family’s. If you or a member of your family tend to get anxious when severe weather begins, it’s ideal to have emergency contacts that will help you stay calm during storms and other weather conditions. Additionally, have several items that make you feel comfortable at your own home or apartments in Raleigh NC. If you are a parent dealing with a child who’s anxious about the weather, [visit this article](https://parenting.uwhealth.org/2013/06/thunderstorms-how-to-stay-calm-during-the-storm-giveaway/#:~:text=Identify a comfortable and fun,make the space feel cozy.) to learn more about ways you can help them stay calm.

2. Build an Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are crucial during severe weather conditions in apartments in Raleigh NC. Each individual in your household can build their own emergency kit, based on their needs and preferences. Wilson Property Management NC property management suggests having the following included in your emergency kit:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Cash or traveler’s checks (Put these in a Ziplock bag)
  • Forms of ID (driver license)
  • Prescriptions (Include OTC medicine)
  • Battery-operated flashlights
  • Different types of batteries
  • Non-perishable food
  • Bottled water

For a full list of items to have in your emergency kit visit FEMA and learn more about building your emergency backpack.

3. Get Your Apartments in Raleigh NC Ready

For precaution, tenants must prepare apartments in Raleigh NC before severe weather events and be prepared to stay at home for a few days. The following steps will help you learn what you need to move inside your apartments in Wake Forest NC to stay safe.

  • Bring inside all furniture you may have on your balcony or any outside area
  • Identify the safest room in your home in case of a tornado; such as a basement, bath, or hall
  • Park your vehicle in a safe location
  • Get to know your neighbors

Learning basic weather terminology can help you understand if you need to stay home or evacuate during severe weather events. Always be aware of weather updates in your surrounding areas and remember it’s never too early to start preparing.

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When it comes to safety, Wilson Property Management ensures that all tenants are aware of any severe weather situations. Our goal is to keep all families as safe as possible, whether that means staying inside the apartments in Raleigh NC, or help with an evacuation process. For additional information about our hurricane preparedness, or if you have any questions about your apartments in Wake Forest NC, contact us today!