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3 Tips to Renting Successfully as a Pet Owner

Pets are great companions in our lives. There are many health benefits of owning a pet. They help increase the opportunity to go outside and exercise. Similarly, they help manage loneliness and owning a pet creates a bond between the two of you. However, sharing an apartment with your animal friend adds a layer of complexity. Here are a few tips for renting successfully as a pet owner.

1. Know The Costs

Renting with a pet often comes with added costs. Preparing for these costs beforehand is the best route to go. Most landlords require a higher (or even additional) security deposit. You may also have to pay either a monthly or yearly fee for your companion. Many landlords will also want you to keep renter’s insurance to cover the costs of potential pet damage.

Similarly, when sharing an apartment with an animal, that often means paying for services and keeping the pet in good condition. When you are away for long periods of time, it might be a good idea to hire a pet sitter or dog walker. That way they can be entertained while you’re away at work. There is also no place to wash and groom larger pets, so you will need to pay for this service elsewhere.

2. Training

Training your pet when they’re still developing will help avoid headaches in the future. Finding a trainer to help you with your pet or even starting your own training series will help your pet get accustomed to listening to your commands. Consistency is key when it comes to training, working with them in home settings and outside.

Dogs should know basic commands to keep them under control around other animals, while cats and other animals should be trained not to destroy the door, window blinds, or other parts of the house.

3. Stick To Pet-Friendly Units

When you’re looking for your apartment, make sure that the place you’re looking for welcomes the size, breed, number, and sort of pet you have. Making sure that you stick to pet-friendly apartments or rental homes is best, because if you plan on hiding pets you could create a lot more stress for both you and your pets.

Also, failing to abide by the landlord’s rules could result in you and your pet being evicted. Putting you at risk to be homeless with your pet. If you really want to adopt a pet, then it is best to hold off until you find a suitable home for both of you.

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