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3 Ways to Spruce up Your Rental Space for Spring

Spring has sprung! As tenants begin moving into their townhomes for rent in Raleigh, and renters prepare to do some spring cleaning in their rental properties Raleigh NC, many forget that “out with the old, in with the new” applies to decor, too. Here are five rent-friendly ways to update your space for spring.


The ultimate symbol of spring, having plants in your apartment or townhomes for rent in Raleigh can help transition your home’s vibe from warm and cozy to cool and fresh. Don’t have a green thumb? Try picking up some faux plants! Succulents and other smaller plants are particularly great for smaller spaces like townhomes for rent in Raleigh. A flower fanatic? Try classic spring blooms like tulips, daffodils, peonies, and lilac. Whether it’s a big bouquet on the table or a tiny succulent on a desk, having some greenery around shows you’re ready for new growth and a new season.


Switch up those scents! Candles not only add a sweet smell to your living area, but they can add some color as well. We recommend picking out a floral candle or two in Easter egg-like colors like pink, blue, purple, green, or white. In addition to the physical senses, adding a candle to your castle helps to create a calm, inviting, environment. Just make sure to always keep an eye on open flames in townhomes for rent in Raleigh!


As the temperatures begin to rise, trade-in those fuzzy throw pillows and blankets for something a little lighter. We suggest trying out cotton, linens, wicker, and eyelets. Pretty pastels, florals, and ginghams are also great spring patterns to play with. Want to transform something a bit bigger? Slipcovers for couches and chairs are always a great option when wanting to change up your sitting area. These fabrics will keep you cool, while the patterns will practically scream spring.

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We know apartment and townhome living can often feel restrictive when it comes to personalizing your space. We hope these examples have given you some spring (landlord-approved) inspiration on how to spruce up your rental space for spring. Happy decorating! Looking for rental companies in Raleigh NC? With both townhomes for rent in Raleigh and single family homes for rent in Raleigh NC, we have something for everyone. Ready to find your new home? Contact us today!