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Four Rental-Friendly Ways To Child-Proof Your Home

One of the most overlooked obstacles for new parents in rental properties is the task of baby-proofing the home. Off-limits spaces like kitchens and cabinets, as well as hazards like wall sockets and sharp corners, are all things to take into consideration when you have small children. It can be quite overwhelming for any new parent to think about all the potential dangers to their child located right under their roof, but especially so for parents in rental properties. Not only is the safety of the child important, but depending on their landlord (and property management company Raleigh)so is the preservation of their rental. Whether you have a child of your own or you babysit for friends and family, if you’re anticipating having children in your rental, you’ll need to prepare! Here are four rental-friendly baby-proofing items to stock up on, from our Raleigh NC property management.

Get Gates

One of the first things you’ll want to invest in are baby gates. Although there are metal variations that typically involve drilling into the wall, the classic pressure fit gate model is perfect for rentals. These gates hold themselves up by, as you may have guessed, sheer pressure. You can assemble a pressure gate by opening in and expanding or contracting the moving sides to fit the doorway you’ve chosen. Pressure gates used to mean you’d have to sacrifice your style to accommodate clunky, white, plastic, contraptions. Today you can find baby gates in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. Whether you prefer cozy wood, affordable plastic, or sleek metal, you can find a baby gate to fit your Raleigh NC property management rental aesthetic.

Cover Cords and Outlets

One of the most dangerous areas in a home for children are electrical sockets. Children are curious, and often located near the floor, electrical sockets are right in their line of vision. Kids also investigate and learn about the world around them by touching. This can be a deadly combo. Fortunately, you can avoid a tragedy by investing in some outlet covers. Although there are different variations, the one that is the most rental-friendly will be the classic plug-in cover. These covers plug directly into the socket, are and are notoriously difficult to remove, especially for a child. If you have extension cords laying around you can also purchase covers that will keep little hands from pulling at them or getting wrapped up in them entirely.

Lock Up

The swinging back and forth of a cabinet door can be very entertaining to unsupervised children, and needless to say, so can the contents of a cabinet. To save your child from getting into hazardous items inside cabinets, pinching their fingers in the hinges, or damaging the cabinet itself, keep your cabinets locked tight. To achieve this, you can purchase child safety locks for your Raleigh NC property management home. Safety locks come in several forms, including ones that lock from the inside. You can find cabinet locks meant for children in various places online and in stores, but the regular ones at your local hardware store will work just as well.

Soften Sharp Edges

Children, especially toddlers and new walkers, are prone to taking tumbles. Low-lying edges like chairs, coffee tables, cabinets, and chair rails, are prime areas to protect your little ones from. Bumper guards, (ironically rhyming with bumper cars) are worth purchasing to prevent injury in your property management rental with our rental property management Raleigh NC. You can usually find these in one of two forms, foam or gel, with many coming with pre-applied adhesive. However, you’ll want to make sure the adhesive is not one that will rip the paint off of your furniture, especially if you’re in a pre-furnished apartment. If your Raleigh NC Property management rental is pre-furnished, consider trying adhesive-free versions. Bumper guards come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can successfully soften every corner of your home for the ultimate baby-proof space.

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We hope these products help you make your Raleigh NC Property management rental a little more child-friendly. Although most of these items are landlord-approved, as always, make sure to check with your landlord and property managers Raleigh NC before purchasing. Are you in the market for a new home in the Raleigh, NC area? Wilson property management, one of the top rental agencies in Raleigh NC, can help! Whether you have several children or are just starting your family, we have apartments and homes for rent for your growing family. Browse our available properties by visiting us online. You can use the drop-down to select the perfect space with amenities based on your individual needs. Ready to find your new home? Contact Wilson Property Management today!