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5 Reasons to Rent in Raleigh with Wilson Property Management

North Carolina is known as the state that has it all; miles of beautiful beaches, rolling fields of rich farmland, and awestriking Appalachian mountains. If you are considering moving to North Carolina, deciding what end of the state to live in might be a difficult task, so why not move to the center of it all? Raleigh, North Carolina is the state’s capital and is one of the best cities to live in. Whether you are looking to buy or rent somewhere in North Carolina, Wilson Property Management Raleigh rentals is here to help you decide why Raleigh is the best choice for relocation. 

  1. The cost of living in Raleigh is relatively cheap when compared to other similar cities in America. While home prices have steadily increased as more people move to the area, Raleigh rentals or homes for sale are still some of the most affordable in the nation. The area to choose from is another bonus of selecting to live in Raleigh. The city, just being shy of 150 square miles, provides an ample amount of great downtown living opportunities, and numerous amount of suburbs such as Cary, Apex, Durham, Holly Springs, or Wake Forest which all supply larger living spaces for families and children. 
  2. Some of the best education North Carolina has to offer is in or around Raleigh. Whether you are looking for quality lower education for your children, or to go to college, Raleigh is home to some of the best. The Wake County Public School System is one of the finest school systems in North Carolina state, while the numerous public and private universities make it the second most educated city in America by Forbes
  3. The sports teams Raleigh is home to are a big incentive to buy or rent from Wilson Property Management Raleigh rentals and homes. Having one of the few professional teams that North Carolina is known for, the Carolina Hurricanes NHL team shares an arena with NC State’s basketball and hockey teams. College sports have a large following in the area, particularly basketball with the renowned rivalry between the Duke Blue Devils and the UNC Tar Heels, two of the top college basketball teams each season that are just minutes away from each other, and the Raleigh area. All of these teams provide fun activities to do on evenings or weekends, camps for kids, and local organizations to join. 
  4. A booming job market can be reason alone to relocate to Raleigh. The city’s economy is thriving, especially in the technology, healthcare, and education fields. Raleigh is home to major companies that offer hundreds of jobs to professionals such as WakeMed, Cisco Systems, and IBM Corporation. Don’t forget about any of the Universities, Colleges, sports teams, and government buildings that are located in the state’s capital. 
  5. While Raleigh is one of the two largest metropolitan areas in the state of North Carolina, ditching the fast-paced city environment can be as easy as a 20-minute car ride into the vast farming lands of the piedmont region. Easily escaping the hustle and bustle of city life by taking a weekend trip to the mountains or beaches of North Carolina are simple and inexpensive compared to other states. 

Not to mention the food, beverage, nightlife, parks, and history that Raleigh has to offer, one can tell why this city is becoming more and more popular by the second.  When looking to move to Raleigh, contact Wilson Property Management Raleigh rentals and homes to find the perfect location for you to call home.