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5 Ways for a Renter to Deal With Bad Neighbors

Unless you are living in the middle of nowhere, you have had to deal with neighbors a time or two in your life. Some neighbors are lovely and become lifelong friends, others can become a real nuisance. Between screaming matches, heavy walkers that shake walls, and late-night dance parties, no one wants to pick a fight with someone who shares their same address. But what is a renter to do in this time of crisis? Wilson Property Management, your Wilson rental company is here to break down 5 ways for tenants to deal with noisy neighbors. 


  • Learn about their situation. In any case, a nosy neighbor may not be trying to annoy you or even be aware they are making such a racket. Children, animals, or even thin walls can escalate noise without the tenant being aware. Learning more about your neighbors and becoming friends with them could give you more patience with their child who is learning to clog, or make a difference when suggesting they try to be quiet. 
  • Talk to the neighbors. While confrontation may arise, a polite knock on the door and a calm conversation explaining your reason for visiting may be all you need to change the situation. Your neighbor could have been oblivious to their ruckus, and quite receptive to your concerns. If the conversation goes an alternate route and the noise continues, take other actions. 
  • Speak to surrounding neighbors. Do they share your concerns and have the same issues? Sharing your experiences with them gives you more justification for your issues—and also support should you decide to go to your landlord. Your neighbors might also have suggestions for solving the problem or approaching the troublesome tenant.
  • Call the landlord. If you tried to make nice, but can’t reach a solution, calling the landlord or management company may be the next step. The landlord should be understanding and handle the situation if necessary. Wilson Property Management, the best Wilson rental company is available to all of our tenants to resolve unsatisfactory living situations. 
  • Call the cops. If the racket you are hearing are violent fights and screaming, or you feel threatened in any way, take action and call the police. The police can keep your identity secret and you may be helping someone in doing so. 


If you’re dealing with loud neighbors, it is important to know that you’re not alone. Your other neighbors are probably just as upset and may have already tried to take action as well. You should be able to live in peace in your apartment without constant noise or violence from a neighbor. Use these 5 tips when handling a disruptive neighbor, or contact Wilson Property Management, your local Wilson rental company to talk about alternatives such as moving