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A College Student’s Guide to Renting

Renting your first apartment or house in college can be confusing. It’s a whole new experience, and there are many questions that need to be asked to ensure that you are satisfied with your new humble abode.

Rent-Related Questions:

  • What’s included in the rent? For example, wifi, utilities, and television may or may not be included.
  • What’s the typical monthly cost of utilities?
  • Is there a monthly pet fee? If so, how much? Is there a weight limit or restriction on certain animal breeds?
  • Do roommates send separate checks for rent, or one check all together?
  • Is subleasing allowed? Are there additional fees for subleasing?

Questions Regarding Amenities:

  • Does the house/apartment have air conditioning?
  • Are washers/dryers located inside the home or in another area? If shared amongst other renters, is there a cost to use them? Does the cost include both the washer and dryer?
  • Is there a cost for parking?

When touring your apartment/housing options, there are lots of things you will want to look for during a walk-through. Be sure to check for the following:

  • Natural lighting – This will save you money on your electrical bill!
  • Locks – Be sure that they work properly!
  • Window quality – Old/drafty windows? This may affect the temperature indoors.
  • Faucets – Check if they are leaky or rusty.
  • Toilets – Are they functioning properly?
  • Shower’s water pressure – Low water pressure = too much time in the shower.
  • Marks, holes, or scratches in walls – Be sure to document this before you move in so you don’t catch the blame!
  • Carpet/flooring – Make sure everything is clean!
  • Outlets – In your head, plan out your furniture placement and be sure that the outlets are placed ideally. Also, make sure they work!

Following this guide will assist you in choosing the perfect apartment/home during your college years. Whether you live there for your entire college experience or just one year, it pays off to pay close attention to even the smallest details when choosing a place to live. At Wilson Property Management, we are here to help you find the perfect home. We manage everything from one-room rentals to single family homes and homeowner’s associations. You can always expect a one-on-one experience with one of our Leasing Specialists. Contact Us Today!