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A Guide to Your NC Property Management Rental Application Process

Are you a first-time college student moving into your first apartment? Or maybe you’re seeking to go out on your own and look for apartments for rent in Raleigh NC. In any of these situations, Wilson Property Management has the perfect home for you and your family. Hunting for your first property can be overwhelming and exhausting; between the applications, terms, conditions, background checks, and more, it’s easy to get discouraged and stressed. Luckily, here are 5 steps that Wilson Property Management NC property management recommends to keep everything in order and make this process simple and quick.

1. Identify Your Lifestyle

When looking for a house or apartment, it’s easy to get distracted by all the beautiful properties and wish you could live in all of them. However, if you have a larger family, an apartment might not suit your needs as well as a larger property with more amenities will. Determining what you need in an apartment or house based on your lifestyle will make the process of finding your next home much faster. Wilson Property Management NC property management will know exactly what you’re looking for and can help you get the application process started.

2. Get Qualified and Apply!

You found a residency you love, now what? Make sure you meet all the criteria before sending your application. Some of the terms include a non-refundable fee per applicant and an agreement to perform a screening process. Knowing exactly what Wilson Property Management NC property management needs to start a background check is essential to ease the process of getting your next apartment or house.

Criteria to Start the Screening Process

  • Valid proof of identification
  • Income requirements – different for every individual
  • Rental/Mortgage history
  • Credit history
  • Criminal history

If you are ready to rent, visit this list of requirements that explains the screening process thoroughly.

3. Apply and Sign The NC Property Management Lease

Once you’ve fulfilled the qualifying standards is time to apply! Make sure that all the information provided in your application is correct, and contains your most updated contact information. If your application is accepted, it’s important to review and clearly understand the lease with all the terms and conditions. Reviewing your lease not only prevents future misunderstandings with the NC property management but also gives you greater peace of mind when making the move.

4. Time to Move-In

After signing the lease, you will more than likely have to pay a security deposit and any additional fees shortly after. At this point, you must ask all of the additional questions you may have before planning your move-in date. Also, this is a great time to consider if you are hiring a moving company; remember that professional movers may cost extra, but will get the moving part done faster. Lastly, don’t forget to get to know your surrounding areas, and find out what are the best things to do in the new place you get to call home!

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