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Advertising Your Listing

Using a real estate agent to advertise your property is an excellent choice to get your listing the exposure it needs. These agents not only are up to speed with the laws and regulations in their area, but also have access to the MLS Database which other agents can search on. This database has the capacity for very specific search queries and many tenant agents make regular use of it. Many potential renters also like to use an agent to help them find a rental property.

While the use of these agents may be inexpensive for the tenant, they do require a fee from the landlord to promote their listings. Real Estate agents will also typically use other forms of marketing such as email, and social media. An agent can help provide advice to make sure you get your property in tip top shape. Although it comes at a cost, using an agent is an excellent and comprehensive way to advertise your listing in a centralized manner. There is a method to bridge the gap between the cost and the level of management. A landlord can pay a fixed fee to post their property on the MLS database. This is both a cheaper and less intensively managed option.

Zillow and Craigslist

Advertising on Zillow is free and easy. Once you create an account you can post your listing, upload pictures and add details. Zillow is incredibly popular and it effectively reaches a large amount of potential tenants. With an easy to navigate website and a convenient mobile app, many renters turn to Zillow to conduct their property searches. An added benefit of using Zillow is that it will create a listing for your property on Craigslist. Craigslist is another popular website with high traffic that can generate interest in your property.

Trulia and Cozy

These are both great tools for advertising. These services offer websites and apps, making it accessible to your potential renters. They are very similar to Zillow in both the ease of set up and the content found on their pages. These are useful tools if you need to advertise multiple properties as well. These resources make it a breeze to manage promoting multiple listings in one centralized location. Also, advertising across this type of platform is easy. Just copy and paste the information about your listing to any or all of these assets.

How Can Wilson Property Management Help?

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