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Are You a Good Neighbor?

When you move into a new apartment or HOA, you will have some new neighbors to meet. You may not realize it until it happens to you, but neighbors can make or break your experience in a new place. Having kind, considerate neighbors can be considered a luxury if you have ever experienced a bad neighbor. Here’s what to do to stay on good terms with your neighbors:

Introduce Yourself

Saying hello and introducing yourself to your neighbors goes a long way in starting to build a relationship. If you see residents in the hallway or walking down the street, introduce yourself and let them know that you are new to the area. You may begin seeing familiar faces and feel more connected to the community. It is also nice to be able to match a face to a name rather than feeling surrounded by strangers. 

Be a Helper

Offering to do favors for others, or lending a helping hand when you see that one is needed, is a great way to get acquainted with your neighbors. Many will return the favor when you are in need as well. Exchange numbers with a few neighbors that you trust if you need help in an emergency or for quick favors when you’re out of town, like watering your plants or checking your mail. However, make sure not to ask for help too often, especially from people who don’t typically tend to ask you for favors themselves. 


A home’s value can be influenced by the homes surrounding it. Even if you aren’t worried about how your home looks on the outside, keeping up with the landscaping and overall look outdoors is considerate of everyone else that lives around you. When you move to a new place, you don’t want to be the one home that brings down the value of everyone else’s homes. Take good care of the outside of your home, from the landscaping to the exterior paint. 

Keep It Down

Throwing loud parties and blasting music at all times of the day/night is not enjoyable for anyone around you. If you plan on throwing a party, let neighbors know so they can plan accordingly, or at least know what to expect. Find a place for guests to park their vehicles so no one’s vehicle gets blocked in or someone’s designated parking spot gets taken. 

Show Your Face

Spend some time outside of your home to give yourself a chance of meeting neighbors or other members of the community. Lounge on your porch while you read a book, garden in your yard, or walk your dog through the neighborhood. If you live in an apartment complex, spend time in communal areas like the gym, lobby, or pool. You’re sure to make a few friends, or at least become a familiar face in the neighborhood. 

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