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Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

Moving is rarely a stress-free process. It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic hustle involved in relocating all of your belongings into a new place. After reading these tips, you will be able to avoid some of that stress the next time you move.

Damaging Furniture

Items like sofas, chairs, desks, and other heavy pieces of furniture have a good chance of getting scratched or banged up during the moving process. Carrying such heavy items causes the risk of dropping or mistakenly hitting something during transportation. To avoid this, disassemble as much as you can before moving. Then prep and pack the furniture using moving blankets and plastic wrap. Utilize moving tools like dollies, ramps, and tie-downs to ensure safe transporting of your furniture.

Scratching Floors

Floors made of wood are especially likely to get scratched during the moving process. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to scratch tile and stone floors as well. Use precautions to avoid scratching them, such as moving blankets, towels, and cardboard when sliding heavy items across the floor. You can also try furniture sliders and gliders.

Angering Neighbors

Always keep your neighbors in mind when moving. Professional movers are bound to show up in a huge moving truck, which can block driveways and take up a large portion of the road. Let your neighbors know about the move beforehand and update them on when the movers will arrive so they will not be caught off guard by a huge truck blocking their driveway when it’s time to leave for work. Speak with the movers before moving day to let them know where to park, and obtain any parking permits that may be needed a week or so ahead of time.

Forgetting Essentials

Make sure to pack a bag that contains all your moving day essentials. This includes your toiletries, medicines, wallet, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, phone chargers, a tool kit, extra clothes, and any other essential items you may need. In the worst-case scenario, your movers may be late and you could end up not having a bed for a night. Bring an air mattress on move-in day or make other sleeping arrangements, at a hotel or with a friend.

Moving With No A/C, Heat, or Electricity

Don’t forget to turn on your utilities before moving in! Arrange a turn off, turn on date for all utilities prior to moving in to ensure that you aren’t stuck spending the night without AC, heat, or electricity.

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Now that you know how to avoid some of the most common moving mistakes, it’s time to move into your new place! Still looking? Wilson Property Management is a full-service management company offering both homeowner association and rental management. We have wonderful properties in the Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Durham, and NCSU areas. Contact us today!