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Checklist for Moving Into a New Rental Home

Finding the right place to call home can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time looking for the ideal apartments in Cary NC to rent. Once you have found it, you would want to prepare for the move. Wouldn’t you? What do you do once you have found one of the best apartments in Cary NC?

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Checklist for First-Time Renters

Here are a few things you must do before you move into your chosen apartment in Cary NC.

Address the Property Manager 

Before you move into the property, talk to your property manager to ensure that every detail mentioned in the lease is offered to you, starting from a clean and safe home to the utilities and amenities. Make sure to address the following concerns before you review and sign the lease agreement.

    • Check for damages and request for a repair if you find any
    • Make sure that every safety measure is in place and working, such as the fire alarm
    • Check for signs of mold and make sure that there are no lead-based paint hazards, especially if the building is old
    • In the case of very old buildings, check whether the building has been inspected by authorized personnel and has a certificate of habitability
    • Ensure that the property is cleaned and ready to move
    • Sign the lease agreement only after the problems are addressed, and pay the security deposit
    • Don’t forget to take owner contact information 

Address Your Current Landlord

In case you are renting an apartment elsewhere, based on the agreement you have with your landlord, inform them that you will be vacating the premises soon. Don’t forget to:

  • Notify them that you are moving out
  • Fulfill the move-out checklist
  • Return the keys
  • Collect your security deposit, if any

Make sure that you fulfill the terms of the agreement you have with the landlord to avoid any legal complications.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist!

Once you have informed your present landlord, the next and final step to perform before you move to your new apartment in Cary NC is to prepare the ultimate moving checklist. Preparing for the moving day requires you to fulfill several obligations. It can get confusing and stressful if you don’t have a checklist ready. To make sure that you don’t forget anything, refer to the checklist below. 

  • Movers and packers
    • Look for professional movers and schedule a date 
    • Note the time and address
    • Prepare the list of things you own and give an estimation
  • Utility companies
    • Request to stop present service
    • Request new service at your new address
    • Set-up electricity and gas
  • Arrange for furniture
    • Buy new furniture if this is your first move
    • Consider storage if you have excess furniture
  • Research the new neighborhood
    • Find the nearest convenience stores and/or grocery shop
    • Switch gym if you workout
    • Look around for more 
  • Pack and clean
    • Gather all supplies you need to pack
    • Pack your belongings and label them
    • Clean the premises
  • Contact the new landlord
    • Check if all the necessary repairs are done
    • Request for change of locks
    • Collect keys from the landlord
    • Inform them about your move date and time
  • Renter’s insurance
    • End or update your current plan
    • Check with your landlord if renter’s insurance is required
  • Register address change
    • Contact USPS and change your address

The checklist for moving into a new rental home always remains the same. It is considered ideal to make one as it can help you ease out the stress of moving.