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Deciding Which Home is Right for You

On the hunt for a new home, but can’t make the final decision on which kind of house is right for you? Don’t worry, Wilson Property Management, rental property management Cary NC, is here to help! Let’s look at some of the different housing options available to you and their pros and cons.



  1. Convenience-access to pools, gyms, laundry services, maintenance, and clubhouses are often the perks of apartment living. Not every apartment will have all of these services, but most will. Typically located near the city center, apartment living can also give residents quick access to events, shopping, and amusements.
  2. Company-if you’re someone who gets lonely, or just really enjoys others’ company, apartments under property management companies Cary NC may be a great fit! Not only are you living among tens to hundreds of potential new acquaintances, but many apartments also have multiple social events during the year. If you’re someone worried about safety, living within a community with security services can also help you to feel more at ease in your new home.


  1. Lack of Freedom-for those who love HGTV, this issue could be bad news. Although some alterations will be fine, any major changes, especially if it includes wiring or structure, may not be allowed in your new home. Always be sure to ask your rental property management Cary NC first!
  2. (Too much) Company-notably the biggest concern for many looking into apartments, living among many people can get, well, noisy! The best way to alleviate this is to invest in some great noise-canceling headphones, curtains, or panels. If things get a little too loud too often, let your property management company Cary NC know.



  1. Best of Both Worlds-townhomes will have some amenities like an apartment complex but at a much smaller scale. You’ll also feel more independent sharing only a wall with one neighbor, versus several. You’ll often have a small yard with a patio area as well. Townhome living allows a feeling of independence, without feeling too stranded. You may also have your own designated parking area.


  1. Worst of Both Worlds-Though the name may infer you’ll be near the town center, townhomes can be found in more rural areas as well. For some, this could be a downside. You’re still sharing that wall, so noisy neighbors may still be an issue. If you’re looking to be guaranteed a large yard or driveway, this option may not be the best for you. Contact rental property management Cary NC to get details on what’s included in your potential new home.

Single-Family Homes


  1. Privacy-unlike apartments or townhomes, renting an entire home gives you complete privacy. You’ll never have to worry about noisy upstairs neighbors again!
  2. Yard Privileges-for many, having your own yard is a dream come true. As a renter, you could still have some restrictions on what can go in it, so remember to check your lease agreements.
  3. Driveway Privileges-tired of your neighbors taking your spot? With a single-family home comes a driveway! You’ll never have to worry about fighting for parking again.


  1. Amenities-unless the neighborhood has a community center, you’ll most likely be losing all those convenient amenities.
  2. Company-renting a house can be a big adjustment from apartment living. Living on your own, whether in a rural area or in a neighborhood can feel isolating. It’s important to access whether or not you’re up for the challenge.

Apartments, townhomes, single family homes-with so many options, we know choosing your next home can be daunting. As you can see, each housing option has its ups and downs, but we hope this list helps you make a more informed decision. Talking through the options with Wilson Property Management, rental property management Cary NC, can help guide you to your perfect fit.

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