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Decorate Your Walls with More Than Frames

Hanging things on the wall, whether it be art, photos, your college degree, etc., is often the final touch when decorating an apartment. Regardless of what you hang, it is usually in the form of a canvas or frame. There are so many other options of things you can hang to spice up your home and add that extra flair.


Wall tapestries, or macrame, are a great way to dress up your walls in a unique fashion. They can add color and texture to any space, and they are available in a variety of sizes. Consider using tapestries in an entryway or as an accent in your hallway. 


If you have a blanket with an intricate or detailed design, it could serve as a great focal piece to hang on your wall. You can also use a blanket as an imitation headboard in the bedroom. If you live in an apartment with high ceilings, throw blankets can make a dramatic statement on your wall. It takes up a good amount of space and will save you from buying multiple pieces of wall decor.


Artisan baskets are great for adding texture to an empty wall. There are many sizes, textures, patterns, and colors of baskets that can be combined to add an eye-catching feature to any room. Make sure that when you are hanging them together, you have a combination of size, color, and pattern.


Have you ever considered using your fine china as art? If you love collecting items such as these, what better way to display each piece than by hanging them on your wall? China of different shapes and sizes makes for beautiful wall art, and allows you to save space in your home with the absence of a china cabinet. 


Mirrors are the key to making a space feel bigger. If you are lacking square footage as well as wall art, you can kill two birds with one stone by decorating with a collage of mirrors. Select mirrors in different shapes, but with similar scale and design. You can also try finding mirrors with the same shape, but different sizes.


Your plants don’t have to be potted on windowsills and tables. Take a new approach by turning your plants into a wall display! Use wall planters for plants that do not require a lot of soil, like succulents and herbs. You can even decorate a wall in your kitchen with wall planters, so you can have your herbs in arms reach while cooking. 

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