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Dos and Don’ts of Apartment Living

Moving into an apartment for the first time is a new, exciting experience that has plenty of perks, but it also has downfalls. You’re finally living on your own and can have the freedom you’ve always desired. However, there is always the possibility of facing the struggles of bad roommates, unpleasant landlords, and problems with appliances. Follow these dos and don’ts to get the best out of your apartment living:

Do: Inspect The Unit Before Moving In

On move-in day, you will most likely receive a form to fill out in which you can note any flaw you spot in the apartment. It can be tedious work, but it will pay off on the day you have to move out. Walk around your apartment and inspect every inch, noting any scratch, ding, stain, or hole you may see. Test the outlets, faucets, etc. It’s even a good idea to take photos, making sure there is a timestamp to prove that the flaw was there before you moved in. If not, you may be held accountable when it’s time to move out.

Do: Make It Your Own

Although there may be restrictions on putting nails in the wall or painting inside the unit, you can still find ways to make your apartment feel like home. Display photos of family and friends or hang wall art with damage-free hanging strips. Decorating is one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new place, so put your personality into it and make your apartment your own!

Do: Clean Regularly

You never realize how much has to be done around the house until you are on your own. You don’t have to clean every single day, but make a habit of cleaning at least once a week. Make sure to vacuum/mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, wipe down countertops, and take out the trash as soon as it gets full.

Don’t: Be a Bad Neighbor

Imagine having to live next to someone who blasts music 24/7 and constantly leaves trash outside their door. It doesn’t sound like fun, so  don’t be that person. Reside in your home in a way that won’t bother other people and do your part in keeping the common areas clean.

Don’t: Wait to Report Maintenance Issues

Maintenance issues only get worse the longer you wait. Report them as soon as they arise so your landlord can help solve the problem. Would you rather have a small leak that can be plugged easily or a huge leak that causes extensive damage?

Don’t: Forget About Your Savings

Remember to save money and stay within your budget. Now that you are living on your own, you must have funding for rent, items for your apartment, and your overall lifestyle. You always want to be prepared for any emergencies that may arise, so keep your savings account in mind.

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