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Everything You Need to Know About Negotiating Rent

Moving out of a dorm and getting your own accommodation has many benefits for students. But this journey starts with looking for rental accommodation. If you are a student looking for an apartment for rent Raleigh NC or apartment for rent Cary NC, then you can visit our website or approach our property management Raleigh NC offices. There are both luxury and budget apartments available for student living Raleigh NC. Once you have narrowed your search, you will want to save some money on your rent. This is where your bargaining skills come into play.


You will have to research the rental rates in the area you want to live. If you have found a couple of properties that are available at a lower rent, then you can point out the same to your landlord. If there are apartments that offer more facilities in similar rent, even that can justify your demand to reduce rent.

Direct approach

You have a better chance of negotiating rent if you approach your landlord directly. If you are renting through property management Raleigh NC, then make sure to approach reputed ones. Unprofessional property management agencies can give you a difficult time.


If you plan to bargain on your rent, then you have to start early. This will give you some time to look for another property if the deal falls through. Look for properties that have been on the block for some time. The landlord is likely to reduce the rent if his property has been vacant for some time. If you give an offer of ending your lease in the summer, your landlord may be willing to reduce prices. It is easier for landlords to find tenants in summer.

Longer tenancy

You are likely to get a rent reduction if your tenancy is of a longer duration. This reduces the landlord’s problems of finding a new tenant. You can also make an offer to pay 2-3 months of rent in advance in return for a discount on the rent.

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