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Finding Your Perfect Apartment

If you are a first-time apartment renter, you may be a bit nervous about what to expect before venturing out for your initial apartment search. Here is a checklist of things to do before heading out on your apartment hunt:

List Your Dealbreakers

Your first apartment most likely will not be your home forever, but there are still some things that can make or break a deal. Perhaps you are adamant about having a good view, a large kitchen, or free cable. If certain things take priority, keep these in mind or create a list so you don’t forget amidst the excitement of apartment hunting. This list should include things you are not willing to sacrifice, which will make things easier when you are narrowing down your list of apartment options.

Ease of Moving

Consider the ease of moving when searching for an apartment. For example, if you will be going through the process of moving alone with no other helping hands, a third-floor apartment might not be the best idea. However, this is also a good time to consider whether or not hiring residential movers is practical for your budget. 

Storage Space

Storage is something that may slip your mind when the excitement of moving into a new place takes the top spot in your thoughts. Make sure to look for storage in your potential apartment rentals. Ideal apartments will have closets and cabinets that maximize the space, rather than wasted space that is not worth paying for.

Start Saving Now

If you haven’t already, start saving now for your first month’s rent and your security deposit. Without having this money stowed away, you will not be able to find an apartment. If you have this money saved up, you will be able to lock down the place that you really fall in love with. 

Amenities Nearby

If you are looking to cut costs in any way you can, look for a place that is close to restaurants or grocery stores. This will allow you to cut down on driving and gas when it comes time to plan dinner each night. This is also just added convenience! 

Spend Time in the Area

Take a few days to spend time in the area of each apartment you are considering. Do so both during the day and at night to get a good feel for how life would be if you lived there. Do you feel safe there? Are tenants calm and reserved or loud and rowdy at night? There are important things to consider when you will be living in an apartment building.

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