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Housewarming Party Tips

Moving into a new home or apartment is an exciting milestone. What better way to show your new home to all your friends and family than with a housewarming party? If you are planning on hosting one, here are the rules you should follow:


Asking for RSVPs will make things much easier for you when planning your housewarming party. If you do not ask for RSVPs, most people probably won’t let you know if they are planning on coming or not. This makes it much harder to figure out how much you need as far as food and drinks or extra seating. Make RSVPs easy by sending out e-vites or asking for a simple text.

Snacks vs. Meal

If you are planning your party at noon or around dinnertime, you should provide enough food to constitute a meal. If you are planning to supply simple snacks, note it on the invitation so your guests know that a meal will not be provided. If you would like to host your party during a meal time but don’t have time to cook all the food, host a potluck and ask guests to bring a dish or side item. Always let guests know about food if your party will be hosted during a meal time. If you would rather not worry about food, schedule your party earlier or later in the day.

Skip Decorations

A housewarming party is held to celebrate your new home, so don’t cover up the beauty of your home decor with a bunch of extra decorations. If you want to spice it up a little, go for flowers and candles rather than streamers and balloons. These simple additions will complement your home decor rather than distracting from it. 

Wait to Schedule

Don’t schedule your housewarming party right after you move in. Give yourself time to unpack and get settled in before inviting a crowd into your home. If you don’t feel at home just yet, your guests won’t get that warm, homey feeling either when they visit. 

Invite Neighbors

If you have moved into a new neighborhood, include your surrounding neighbors in your invites. You don’t have to invite the entire block, but at least the people living on either side and across from you. Even if they are unable to come, they will appreciate the gesture and it will be a step closer to getting to know them.

Thank You Notes

If any guests bring gifts, don’t forget to send thank you notes. When writing thank you notes, keep them short but personal and always mention the specific gift that was given to you. 

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