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How To Be A Good Tenant

When renting an apartment, you may have a great landlord or a not-so-pleasant one. But imagine how landlords feel when they have not-so-pleasant tenants. Foster a positive relationship with the person you rent from; it goes a long way!

Honesty is the Best Policy

When you’re dying to get on the top of the applicant list, you may feel like you need to bend the truth to make yourself seem more appealing as a tenant. But what happens when you say you don’t have a pet, and your landlord stops by to see cat litter and toys scattered throughout the apartment? Honesty is always the best policy when applying for an apartment because, most likely, it will catch up to you later. So will the fines.

Read the Lease

Know what you’re agreeing to before you sign the lease so you don’t have to deal with the consequences of being uninformed later. You don’t want to get in trouble for something you could’ve avoided if you had just read the lease. Knowing the dos and don’ts will keep you on good terms with your landlord.

Ask Before Doing

If there is something you want to do but you aren’t sure if it’s allowed, always ask. If not, it may result in serious penalties, like fines or eviction. Don’t take a good relationship with your landlord for granted, either; you can’t assume that they will be okay with everything you do. The guidelines are the same for everyone and they are put in place for a reason.

Rent Smart & Pay On Time

Always make sure to rent within your means. Your housing costs should not exceed more than 30% of your expenses every month. Ignoring this tip could potentially result in late or missed payments, which may cause your landlord to hunt you down and ask for payment. Avoid this uncomfortable situation by renting within your means, and you will be able to maintain that good relationship with your landlord.

Don’t Be High Maintenance

Your landlord probably has tons of other properties and tenants to look after, so don’t forget that you aren’t the only one. Bring up the serious issues, but don’t call your landlord for every inconvenience that comes your way. Find a good balance between what requires your landlord’s help and what you can handle on your own.

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