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How to Find a Subletter for Rental Properties Raleigh NC

With its collection of universities and colleges, if you’re a student in the triangle, May is all about celebration. As you gear up to go on a summer trip, begin a summer internship, or simply head home, you can feel the elation among the rest of the student body. School is officially out-if only your lease was as well. Not to worry! Using a subletter to sublease your rental property Raleigh NC is a great way to keep your apartment next year without having to pay rent this summer. Here at Wilson Property Management, one of the top rental companies in Raleigh NC we have some tips for finding the perfect subletter.

1. Check with Your Complex

Not all rental property Raleigh NC will allow subletting, so it’s best to check with your leasing office to see what’s going to fly and what won’t. Sometimes your office already has a list of renters looking for a sublease, so they may even help you find someone themselves. If not, it’s still a good idea to let them know you’ll be subletting your space. Otherwise, you may end up with the responsibility of paying for potential damages they may cause in your absence.

2. Ask Around

Ask around at your job or your friends and family’s jobs to see if any of their workplaces will be taking on summer interns. Interns are a great group to try to target as they often need somewhere to live quickly and temporarily. Students from other universities, whether domestic or international, are another great group to look into as they often are only taking summer courses are will be looking for rental property Raleigh NC. Ask your school’s visiting student and international student department if anyone needs a place to stay for the summer.

3. Social Media

Social media is a great tool to find a subletter. Post to platforms and channels students frequent like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and student boards to see who may need to find rental property Raleigh NC. Many times pages and whole sites are even created specifically for subleasing apartments, so be sure to post there as well!

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As always, make sure you are abiding by all state and leasing laws during the process of subleasing your apartment. Although you can’t always find a friend you know well to sublease, you should make sure the individual you choose is someone you can trust! Looking for rental property Raleigh NC? Wilson Property Management, one of the premier rental companies in Raleigh NC, has numerous rental properties for college students and young professionals in the area. Ready to find your new apartment? Contact us today!