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How to Safely Clean Four Types of Floors From Raleigh NC Property Management

You’ve just hit the one-month mark in your new home. While you’re happy to finally start feeling settled in, your new rental may be starting to show signs of this milestone-particularly your floors. Dirt buildup from heavy traffic, stains from spills, and pet hair tumbleweeds can add up over time, possibly damaging your rental and causing unneeded issues between property management companies Raleigh NC and tenants. With so many different flooring types, and so many different cleaning products to choose from, starting your cleaning day may feel daunting. Wilson Property Management, Raleigh NC property management, is here to help! From carpet to vinyl, here’s how to care for your new home’s floors from property managers Raleigh NC.

Wood Floors

Wood floors, especially in older homes, can be tricky to care for. Use the wrong product, and you may have ruined one of the most valuable things in the home. The older the wood, the more careful you’ll want to be with it. For daily cleaning, you’ll want to rely on one of the oldest methods in the book, a good broom! Regular sweeping can help keep a thicker accumulation of dust and debris from occurring, and therefore keep you from having to reach for harsher methods. If you must use a vacuum cleaner, find one with a soft or padded head like a Dyson v15 to avoid scratching the surface. If you’ve got a spill on your hands, you’ll want to stay away from anything that could bleach or eat through the wood like ammonia or anything with heat to avoid warping. The best products to use will be things made specifically for real wood floors like Bona Hardwood floor cleaner or simply soap and water. If you’re unsure whether your floors are real or faux wood, you can contact your apartment’s Raleigh NC property management company.

Faux Wood Floors

Believe it or not, faux wood floors may require even more care when cleaning compared to hardwood ones. Although hardwood is more easily scratched, when faux wood is scratched, it cannot be buffed out. Like hardwood floors, your first line of defense should be sweeping with a broom or vacuum made for flat surfaces. Both hardwood and faux wood floors are sensitive to extreme heat and moisture, however, faux wood floors have more tendency to deteriorate under these circumstances. Therefore our Raleigh NC property management advises against the use of steam cleaners or soaking the floors by mopping. Your best choice of cleaner for faux wood floors are products made especially for them like the Swiffer Wet Jet for laminate floors. If you must use a mop, make sure to use one that has a head made from microfibers and avoid using soap to prevent buildup.

Tile Floors

When it comes to tiles, the cleaning process can be lengthier. That’s because not only is tile susceptible to cracking, but tile flooring also means you may get buildup in-between the grooves. These grooves, or the grout, can be difficult to clean with the usual methods. While you can invest in a grout brush, you can also simply use an old toothbrush to get in these hard-to-clean spots. Depending on the type of tile you have, you’ll need to use different methods. For example, slate and marble tiles cannot have contact with anything acidic like vinegar, so dish soap or a cleaner specifically for slate is a must. Linoleum tile is safe with almost any cleaner not alkaline-based, however, our Raleigh NC property management company wants you to know it can be susceptible to water damage. If using a mop, make sure to wring most of the water out of it before placing it on the floor. Linoleum flooring is prone to staining. Make sure not to use rugs with rubber backing on these surfaces. You can also try a no-shoes rule in linoleum areas to avoid excess dirt from building up.

Carpet Floors

In rentals that feature carpet, you’re going to want to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. Carpet manufacturers suggest vacuuming as often as twice a week, but if you keep shoes and pets away from carpeted areas you may be able to get by with going a little longer. For most carpet types, using any vacuum with a rotating brush will be your best bet at bringing dirt and debris up to the surface. Whether you choose a stick vacuum or an upright model, both can be used on carpet. The difference is that upright models may be more powerful, but will be harder to maneuver around tight spaces like those found in apartments. Vacuuming regularly will not only keep your home looking nice and clean, but it can also help with allergies.

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Figuring out how to clean your apartment shouldn’t feel like rocket science. Always make sure to read the instructions for your cleaning supplies and ask your property managers Raleigh NC for clarification. We hope these tips and tricks from our Raleigh NC property management company have helped! Looking for a new home? Wilson Property Management, one of the top rental agencies in Raleigh NC, has homes, townhomes, and apartments for rent around the city of oaks for rent. Whether you’re a family, a young professional, or a student, we have something for everyone at our property management company Raleigh. Browse our properties by visiting us online. Ready to find your new home? Contact us today!