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How To Throw A Landlord-Approved Back-To-School-Bash

As the fall semester begins, many college students are excited about all the upcoming social events of the season, especially the parties! In fact, one survey even found that nearly twenty-seven percent of students said they attended college just for the party scene. However, with most students living in small student apartments, things can get very messy, very quickly. Unless you’re looking to get evicted, there are several rules you’ll want to stick to when planning your next gathering. From Wilson Property Management, property managers Raleigh NC, here’s how to throw a land-lord-approved bash.

Keep It Low-Key

Our property managers Raleigh NC understand that where there’s a party, there will be noise. However, loud music and rowdy behavior are a surefire way to get your landlord or rental property management Raleigh NC knocking on your door. If you’re planning on having music, keep it at a reasonable volume and be considerate of your neighbors. It may be worth checking the local noise decibel limits and monitoring your noise levels throughout the night with a sound meter. If you’re playing drinking games, make sure everyone knows the rules beforehand so that there aren’t any accidents.

Choose Your Guests Wisely

After years in the property management business, our property managers Raleigh NC know that some students will do anything for notoriety, especially when it comes to parties. While you may be tempted to invite the class clown, the star linebackers, or your entire fraternity, it’s always better to have fewer people over so that things don’t get too out of hand. Make sure that everyone is on the same page about the plan for the night and that they’re aware of the house rules. At Wilson Property management, one of the top rental agencies Raleigh NC, we care about our renters’ safety. If you’ll be drinking, make sure to have a designated driver or two.

Clean Up

This one is crucial! Make sure that you and your guests clean up any trash or spills before you call it a night. If you have time, run the vacuum cleaner over any carpeted areas and do a quick sweep of the floors. If there have been any damages to your apartment under property managers Raleigh NC, you will likely be held liable. The last thing you want is an expensive fine-or worse, an eviction notice!

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By following these simple tips from our rental property management Raleigh NC, you can throw a fun, safe, party that will keep both your guests and your landlord! Are you a student looking for apartments in Raleigh NC? Our Raleigh NC property management has properties close to all the local universities. Whether you’re looking for a quiet community or a lively student living, our property managers Raleigh NC are ready to help you find your home away from home. Contact our property management company Raleigh today!