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Improve Your Rental’s Curb Appeal

If you are hoping to rent out your home or just want to make the exterior a bit more pleasing to the eye, there are many ways to make a plain-looking home more attractive from the outside. It can be as easy as cleaning the furniture or adding some color with flowers and plants. Here are a few more budget-friendly tips on how to spice up the outside of your home:


Adding flowers to the outside of your home is one of the easiest ways to make it look more attractive to passers-by and potential renters. You can find planters in many colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to add some flair. You may even consider adding window boxes to your first-floor windows, which is an easy DIY task that can be done in one afternoon. If your green thumb isn’t exactly the greenest, you can use fake plants instead. They look just as good, minus the maintenance! 

Outdoor Furniture

If you want to make a good impression on your visitors or potential renters, clean off your outdoor furniture. It is hard to imagine sitting on a chair adorned with cobwebs to enjoy your morning coffee. If visitors notice that you haven’t taken care of your outdoor furniture, they may worry that other aspects of your home have been neglected as well. Wipe down your outdoor furniture with paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner regularly. 

Declutter Entryway

Potential renters should be focusing on the house, not the cluster of items on the porch or front lawn. If there is something sitting around that does not add curb appeal, it should be removed. This may include excess furniture, sprinklers, solar lights, bikes, toys, etc. Always keep the yard clean of trash and pet waste.

Create Seating Area

If you do not have a seating area already, consider adding a few attractive pieces of furniture to the porch or patio to make your home feel more inviting. Add outdoor pillows that compliment your home’s overall look and make sure the furniture fits the space properly. If you do not have room for furniture, consider adding a porch swing. 

Pop of Color

A pop of color can do wonders for a home that once looked drab and boring. Add colorful outdoor pillows, colorful outdoor furniture, colorful pots and flowers, or paint your front door a new color. 

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