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Light Up a Dim Apartment

Good lighting can sometimes be hard to find when apartment hunting on a budget. Or perhaps it is not at the top of your list of priorities, falling behind important features like storage space, square footage, and appliances. If you desire a brighter living space, try these solutions:

Natural Light

Natural light is one of the best, cheapest sources of light. Choose a place with large windows and glass doors to let in lots of natural light. If you choose an apartment that does not have many opportunities to let light in, consider taking down the blinds, shutter, or curtains that are pre-installed on the windows and doors, storing them safely until it’s time to move out. If you prefer not to take them down completely, open them up during the day to let the light shine in.

Overhead Lights

Rentals often have installed light fixtures or ceiling fan lights, but they may not provide sufficient light or they may just be unsightly. However, you can sometimes swap them out for ones that look nicer or provide better light. Make sure you know how to change the fixture safely and store it away until you move out. If there is no light fixture installed, look for a plug-in-style power cord that allows you to attach a fixture to the ceiling and plug it into the nearest outlet.

Decorative Lights

Lights are not restricted to lamps and overhead lights. Wall sconces work great in hallways, bathrooms, foyers, and beside mantels and beds that are lacking good lighting. Look for plug-in-style sconces for a renter-friendly option. 

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Consider adding lights under the upper cabinets if there is not a logical place for a lamp or other light fixture. Many under-cabinet lights can be held in place using Velcro strips. They are beneficial for countertop prep as well as setting a peaceful mood at the end of the day when dinnertime has been wrapped up.


Mirrors do not produce light themselves, but they do reflect light, which can make a room feel much larger than it really is. Hanging mirrors across from glass doors, lamps, and windows will add more light to the room. 

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