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Maximize Your Small Bathroom

If you are renting a smaller apartment, you may think that you have slim opportunities to decorate and show off your personality inside your new place. There are tons of ways to make small areas look both beautiful and functional. If you want to spice up your new bathroom, follow these tips:

Neat Display

Your bath products, when arranged the right way, can actually be used as bathroom decor. The trick is to keep it simple; don’t over-clutter the vanity. Display your cotton swabs, cotton balls, and bath salts in glass canisters for an aesthetically-pleasing look. Find a box cover for your tissues that matches your bathroom theme. Displaying your products in a clever, eye-pleasing way will make your bathroom look more inviting.


Small bathrooms mean more humidity. Placing plants here and there in your bathroom can add visual interest as well as reduce moisture levels in your home. Consider decorating with potted ferns, cacti, and succulents.

Shower Head

Changing your shower head is usually an easy DIY project, but you may need your landlord’s approval first. You may not realize it until you see it, but a new showerhead can make a whole bathroom look like new. 

Stackable Containers

Stackable containers, whether they are placed under your sink, in your linen closet, or elsewhere can add more space for products and toiletries. It can even help you gain vertical storage space that most small bathrooms do not have. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great decorating idea that also helps with organization. You can keep fragrances, picture frames, small decorations, or hand towels on these shelves to display your belongings in a unique way without cluttering the vanity. Be sure to check with your landlord as you will need to put screws in the wall to suspend the shelves. 

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