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Moving During COVID-19

COVID-19 has put a halt to many people’s everyday lives, plans, routines, etc. However, stopping a move in its tracks is not always possible. You may be wondering if moving into a Raleigh NC apartment during this time is safe, or if it is even possible at all. Here are a few things to consider:

Moving Services

Many times, when a person sets a moving date, it is not flexible. Perhaps their lease is ending and they cannot stay in their current apartment any longer, or they have sold or purchased a home with a closing date in the near future. In these circumstances, it may not be an option to push back the moving date. However, if there is flexibility in your moving date, it might be a good idea to wait. If you are concerned about exposure, consider moving without the help of a moving company as long as you can handle lifting and carrying all of your items on your own. If you do choose to work with a moving company, ask what precautions are being taken when you reach out to them. 

How to Prepare

Having a plan for moving day is always necessary, but it is especially important during this time. It is a good idea to gather all your supplies at once since going in and out of stores is not recommended. Check out this packing calculator that provides recommendations on how many boxes and other packing supplies you will need, based on the number of bedrooms and people living in your home, your lifestyle, and your packing style. 

Make sure to contact your movers to confirm your reservation. Discuss what is to be expected, as many moving companies are taking measures to protect their clients as well as themselves. Clean as you pack; this is a great idea when moving in general, but especially now. Wipe items down with disinfectant as you pack them up. COVID-19 can survive up to 24 hours on cardboard boxes, so try to finish packing at least 24 hours before the movers arrive. 

Important Tips

If you or anyone in your family is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, let your movers know right away. You should also inform them if you are isolating due to exposure. Regardless of whether or not you are isolating or experiencing symptoms, keep hygiene products in reach for your movers to use. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer by the door as well as soap and paper towels by the sink. If you are worried that you will not have enough supplies, let your moving company know. It is not recommended to use free or recycled moving boxes, as the coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. If you are in need of moving boxes, purchase them new.

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