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Falling Into Fall- Prep Your Home for the Upcoming Seasons

After the bright and hot summer months, where plants are in full bloom and weekends are spent outdoors, fall is finally here and it is time to prepare your home for the upcoming cooler seasons. If you have ever heard of spring cleaning, think of this as “fall shedding.” Property management companies in Raleigh, NC take can care of most of the house preparation for a new season, but it is always good to know how to do things yourself if or when you own your own home. Wilson Property Management Raleigh NC is here to explain a few of our “fall shedding” tactics to get your home ready to fall into fall. 

HVAC Inspections

Your HVAC system isn’t just to cool down the house from the summer heat, but it is also there to make sure your home is as warm and cozy as can be when the temperature decides to drop. Living in the south, one week can be in the high 80’s while the next can get down to the low 40’s. To ensure that your heating and air system is in check for the wild weather, get your AC and heating system inspected by a professional. They can clean out any vents of built-up dust from the summer, correct any issues, and make sure it is running efficiently. This can save you time and money which can be used for the upcoming holiday season. 

Cleaning Out Gutters

Changing leaves are the first thing people think of when they hear the word fall. The beautiful array of colors makes for great scenery, but what happens when those leaves eventually turn brown and drop? They get stuck in your gutters, along with other debris from gusts of wind or storms. Wilson Property Management suggests to clear your gutters twice this season; once before the shedding of leaves begins, and once after most of them have dropped. If twice sounds like too much to handle, at least make sure to do it at the end of the season to remove the built-up sludge that can cause clogs or damage to your home. 

Landscaping for Visitors

Tailgating, Halloween, Day of the Dead, and Thanksgiving all are fall holidays and activities. These are times when family and friends like to gather around and spend time together, so to make sure your yard is in tip-top shape for visitors, consider doing some seasonal landscaping. This could be as easy as raking fallen leaves and pine straw, mowing your lawn to get rid of the last long summer grass growth, or as thorough as pruning long and pointy tree branches that people can run into, and edging your sidewalk, driveway, and front door path for trick-or-treaters and other guests. Landscaping can also be decorating with fall favorites such as mums, pumpkins, and hay bails. 

Seasonal Switching

After the busy summer months of vacations and backyard barbeques, it is time to switch the focus over to cooler weather and holiday activities. This is when we pack up the tank tops, jean shorts, swimsuits, and flip flops and transition into jeans, sweaters, jackets, and boots. Changing closet storage from pool toys to winter gear, and gather the summer accessories to put in the attic to replace with holiday decorations. This transitional period is also the perfect time to go through your kitchen cabinets, fridge, and pantry. The summer is full of fruity and refreshing flavors that may be taking up valuable space for the holiday spices and baking goods. Cleaning out old sauces and side dishes that have been pushed to the back of the fridge can make room for delicious fall leftovers from football parties or family dinners. 

In reality, the prep you or the property management Raleigh NC complete in the fall is really preparing your home for the winter months. All of these tips are to improve efficiency and keep things cleaned and organized in your home. If you are not sure what home preparation is done by your property management team, or if they are lacking in performance, contact Wilson Property Management.

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