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Protecting Your Furniture During Your Move

Moving large pieces of furniture is one of the most stressful, strenuous parts of moving, especially if you are moving on your own. Protecting your furniture should be your top priority so nothing ends up damaged or scratched before it even gets to your new home.

Disassemble Your Furniture

Not all furniture should be disassembled when moving, but if it can be disassembled, it is recommended to do so. This typically includes bed frames, tables, and modular sofas. Wrap each part in plastic wrap or a protective covering and place them inside a labeled box so they are easy to locate when unpacking.

Label Nuts & Bolts

When disassembling your furniture, you may mindlessly throw all the nuts and bolts into one bag and decide to worry about it later. When “later” comes, you have no idea which nuts and bolts go with what piece of furniture. Place all screws, nuts, bolts, etc. into sealed plastic bags and label them by which piece they belong to. This will save you a lot of stress when it is time to reassemble.

Wrap Your Furniture

Do not simply lay parts around inside your moving truck. Wrap the parts in plastic wrap: it is tear-resistant and will protect your items during transit. You can even keep furniture parts, such as table legs, together by wrapping them together. Moving blankets are another essential; they will protect your furniture as well as your walls.

Special Moving Equipment

Your larger items will likely require additional equipment, like a dolly or hand truck. These are helpful in moving big items like refrigerators, dining tables, pianos, pool tables, etc. You can rent a dolly, trailer, moving straps, and skidboards to help as well.

Clear Doorways

Make sure all doorways are cleared of any clutter before moving items into your home. This will help lessen your chances of scratching or denting your furniture on another item or tripping over an item and dropping the item you are carrying. Prop the doors open with a doorstop to make things easier for you and to protect the furniture from hitting wall corners.

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