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Reasons to Live Off-Campus in College

While some colleges require that students live on campus during their first year, others do not. If you are a student (or parent) struggling to decide whether you (or your child) should live off-campus, Wilson Property Management has a few pointers for you!

Save Money

The cost of living in dorms can sometimes be extreme. Living off-campus will most likely save you money, especially if you live with roommates! Splitting the rent among two, three, or perhaps even four people will definitely lower costs. You also won’t have to pay thousands for a meal plan!

Options, Options, Options

Most times, students do not get to hand-pick the dorm they live in. They may be on the first floor or the tenth, and most times it is chosen for them. In off-campus housing, there are tons of options based on location, size, layout, etc. Students are finally able to think about making a place their own.


Living in a dorm room comes with tons of rules. No pets, no candles, quiet hours, checking in guests, no cooking other than using the microwave, etc. There is also typically a resident assistant that comes around to check rooms at random times of the day to ensure that everyone is following the rules. Living off-campus calls for much more freedom: your guests are always welcome at your discretion, many houses allow pets, and you don’t have to whisper after 10pm!


On-campus living often has a completely separate parking lot for residents, and it takes quite a few strides to get there. Living off-campus means you either have your own driveway or your parking spot is located right outside your apartment building. No more long walks to your car in the heat of summer or freezing winter!

Year-Round Living

Rather than getting booted out of your dorm a few days after final exams end or being forced to leave during Christmas break, Spring break, and summer, most off-campus living options have year-long leases. You can come and go as you please, and you may even have the option to sublease if you will be away for an extended period of time.

Did this guide make you want to live off-campus? Contact Wilson Property Management to see the rentals we have available!