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Redecorating Your Home on a Budget

As we enter into the New Year, what better time to spruce up your home than in the new decade?  Decorating makes all the difference when you are renting, staging to sell, or if you aren’t looking to make any major home improvements. Although redecorating can be expensive, there are simple ways to revamp your apartment without breaking the bank. These tips from Wilson Property Management are here to bring you budget-friendly techniques to renovate your home in 2020.

Create a Game Plan for the Space

Start by analyzing the current decor in your home. What aspects do you like about it? Are there aspects that you dislike? Any apartment or small house can be made a sanctuary for those who live there. Strive to make do with what you have, focus on what you want to stay the same, and accent the room accordingly.

Go Shopping in Your House

Take a look at the decor you already have in your home. Find items that may be displayed in other rooms, stashed in the attic, or hidden in the basement to see if there are better ways to utilize them. Ask a friend for help redecorating; you may not notice the pieces you already have laying around. Accenting different items in your home will liven up the space without spending a penny. 

Rearrange Furniture & Linens

Dramatically changing the look and feel of a room can occur just by rearranging the furniture. Simply moving a sofa or chair across the room can create a new focal point and revitalize the space. If you have a blanket draped over that same sofa, it’s time for a change. Swap out hand soaps and towels to bring an easy update to the bathroom. Rearranging these items in your home can create a new and inviting space, while costing next to nothing.

Shop Inexpensive

Although repurposing items you already have is great, sometimes it isn’t always an option for your new space. Shopping secondhand remains a thrifty alternative for furniture rather than expensive showrooms. Frequent the clearance aisles of your local HomeGoods-type store or TJMaxx. Look there for inspiration and ideas, and purchase small clearance items that may work as an accent to pieces you already have. Pro tip! Check out the clearance post-holiday. Items are usually extremely marked down, full of lively colors, and can accommodate any space.

Clear Out the Clutter

Focus on Feng Shui of the space and declutter any unwanted items that may cause crowding. With an array of items, it can look messy and will not give the decor justice. First, remove all extra accessories. Go through each item and determine where it would look best displayed. Create groupings of similar accessories, things that match, and those items that mean the most to you to keep. Put back those items and work on rehoming the others.

By combining the decorating tips listed here, you can transform a room from top to bottom on a minimalistic budget. Strive to accent a room even if the space may seem outdated or small; get creative and think outside of the box. These budget-friendly methods will help restyle your home and get you ready for the New Year.

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