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Renting in College: House vs. Apartment

When choosing your next living space in your college town, you may be struggling to decide between an apartment or a house. There are pros and cons to both options, so we have compiled a few things to consider when making your final decision!

The Benefits of Renting a House


Renting a house typically gives you a larger living space than an apartment would. With the limited choice of floor plans in apartments, there are only so many rooms that the complex can accommodate. A house rental also prevents you from sharing walls with strangers! You may have a yard to yourself as well, whereas many apartments don’t have much of a yard at all.


With no shared walls or noisy upstairs neighbors, you will not have to stress about bothering others, or others bothering you. Apartment complexes in college towns can get very noisy, especially at night when students host get-togethers with friends.


Some apartments provide their tenants with their own numbered parking spot, but others do not. There is even a chance of the parking lot getting full, leaving you with no place to park. Renting a house provides you with your own driveway, so you can avoid the stress of wondering if you will have to ride around looking for a spot. Guests are usually free to come and go as they please in house rentals, so you will not have to worry about visitor parking passes.

The Benefits of Renting an Apartment


The expenses of renting an apartment can sometimes be much more affordable than a house. Some apartments include utilities in the monthly rent payment, whereas houses do not. You are also likely to be provided with wifi, so you will not have to make the extra payment to get it installed.

Low Maintenance

Living in an apartment requires very low maintenance. When living in a house, you may be given the responsibility to keep your grass cut and maintain the general upkeep of the house. In an apartment, that is usually taken care of for you.


Unlike houses, apartments typically come with complimentary gyms, pools, and other recreational areas. Your apartment complex may also provide public transportation to and from your college campus. This is usually included in your lease, so you do not have to pay extra to enjoy these amenities.

We hope that you will take these options into consideration when choosing where to live. At Wilson Property Management, we manage everything from one room rentals to single family homes and homeowner’s associations. Contact us today!