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Say Goodbye to These Items Before Moving

De-cluttering before you move can be overwhelming; you may feel like you are throwing every single one of your belongings away. You probably won’t use those hand towels that have never seen the outside of your linen closet at your new home if you never used them at your old one. If you are having a hard time parting with your items, use this guide:

Coffee Mugs

If your cabinets are overflowing with coffee mugs, it’s time to pick your favorites. Toss the mugs that have chipped edges. If you tend to take home a coffee mug from every place you visit and later realize that you will never use all of them, now is the time to kick that habit and choose which ones will make the cut to the new home. Donate them or throw them away responsibly.

Outdated Clothing

Going through old clothing can be time-consuming, but it will pay off in the end when you have much less to pack and unload, and more space in your closet. If there are items you have not worn in the past year, items that do not fit, or items that are not in good condition, donate them before you move.

Old Decorative Pillows

If you tend to collect throw pillows due to redecorating or spicing up your living spaces during the holidays, you probably have tons of old decorative pillows that will never be used again. Homegoods stores come out with new decorative pillows all the time, especially for holidays, so trash the old ones to make room for the new.


If you have old CDs and DVDs packed away in storage and haven’t touched them in years, let them go. You can probably find all those songs on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube and those movies can probably be found on a streaming service. If you’re a bookworm with books taking over your shelves and you know you won’t read them again, donate them before you move.

Old Bath Products

Is there an abundance of lotions, soaps, and beauty products filling your cabinets in the bathroom? If you haven’t touched them by now, you probably won’t touch them once you move either. Check expiration dates as well if you are saving products that you actually want to use later.

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