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Simplify Your Move with Trash Bags

When you are preparing to move, you may panic wondering how you are going to pack all of your belongings. Do you have room for all those boxes? Where is it all going to go? You may not have realized that there are plenty of uses for trash bags when moving, and it’s not just for trash! You will need to use large or extra-large heavy-duty bags with ties for best results. Also, be sure to label them so you don’t mistake items you’ve packed in trash bags as trash!

Hanging Clothes in Trash Bags

Instead of taking your hanging clothes off their racks, folding them, and storing them in boxes, simply wrap them in a trash bag. To do so, keep them on the rod and slip the trash bag over as many items as you can, starting from the bottom. Secure the ties around the neck of the hangers. This protects your clothes and prevents you from doing a lot of unnecessary folding!

Pack Towels and Linens

Fabric-based items don’t really need the support of a box, so trash bags are a great alternative for clothing, towels, and linens. Fold each item neatly and fill the bag with as much as it can carry, securing the tie. Since your items are already folded, it will be a breeze to unload!


Transporting plants can be a messy situation, risking a pot (or multiple pots) full of dirt spilling in your car. That’s where trash bags save the day! Secure a trash bag around the base of your plants, including the planter and up to the stem, just before leaves or flowers are sprouting. You won’t want to completely cover the plant as it will cut off air flow. Use twine to tie the bag to the stem, and remove carefully when unpacking in case dirt spilled into the bag.

Packing Material

If you run out of packing paper or forget to grab some when you’re in a hurry, use trash bags! Fold or ball up bags to fill in gaps between items so they don’t move around in boxes. Since these trash bags are only being used as space fillers between items and not actually getting dirty, you can smooth them out and use them to take out trash during your move.

Protect Electronics

Trash bags should not be your sole source of protection when packing electronics, but they can be used as an extra layer of protection against moisture, dirt, and debris. Wrap up your speakers, printers, TVs, etc. when moving.

Keep in mind to refrain from packing any sharp, heavy, or fragile items in trash bags. Do not pack paper, especially important or irreplaceable documents, unsecured liquids, or hazardous/flammable materials.

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