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Soundproofing Your Apartment

Many people that live in apartments have to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors or the sound of traffic outside their windows. The constant noise can become very frustrating and can sometimes seem unavoidable. However, soundproofing is always an option. Here are a few simple strategies to help in soundproofing your apartment:

Front Door Sweep

If you feel like you can hear every conversation held in your building, you may have large air gaps around your front door. Sound travels on air and can also leak through any gap that you can see light through. Sealing these gaps will help quiet the noise. If there is a large gap under your apartment door, you can add a commercial-grade door sweep with a thick rubber strip that seals against the threshold.

Door Curtains

Heavy blackout curtains can create another layer of soundproofing over your front door. When closed, they help absorb noise that may leak through the door.

Thick Rug Pad

Carpets are huge contributors to muffling sounds in high-traffic areas. If you have hard floors, a thick rug is a helpful addition. For more help, slip a density rug pad underneath your rug to soak up even more sound.

Window Inserts

Window inserts are clear panes of glass or acrylic that can be installed over existing windows. They create an airtight seal that reduces outside noise by 50 percent or more. This way, you can block outside noise but still enjoy the view. Some window inserts are even designed to pop out with ease when they aren’t needed, so you can open your windows when desired.

Faux Built-Ins

If your apartment has thin walls, add a wall-to-wall faux built-in to muffle those noises. Decorate your built-ins with heavier objects; they resist vibration and reduce sound transmission. Make sure the edges of the buil-in fit snugly to the walls, floor, and ceiling so there are no air gaps that will allow sound to leak in. 

Bedroom Door Draft Stopper

Gaps under interior doors can make it seem as though your door is cracked open with the amount of noise it lets in. Fill that gap with a draft stopper that attaches to the door with an elastic band.

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