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The Best Apartment Floor to Live On

The floor you live on can have a huge effect on your day to day lifestyle. If this is a determining factor, consider the perks of living on either the top, middle, or bottom floor. 

Top Floor

Living on the top floor means that you will rarely have to deal with noise from foot traffic since no one lives above you, but you will need to be conscious of not disturbing those below you. You will also be less bothered by street traffic since you are farther from the surface of the road. On the other hand, the higher up an apartment is, oftentimes the more expensive it is. Your electric bill may end up being much more expensive in the summer, too. If the roof gets damaged by weather or other exterior causes, you may have to deal with the risk of it directly affecting your apartment.

Sometimes living on a ground floor can pose a higher risk of break-ins or other criminal activity than apartments on higher levels. A downside of living on a higher floor is that it can make evacuation plans more difficult in the event of a fire or natural disaster. You must also consider how easy it is to access the higher floors; is there an elevator? Will you be able to carry your groceries up to your apartment with ease? If you have a pet, will the hassle of going up and down be too much when they need to go outside?

Bottom Floor

Living on the bottom floor is ideal for someone who doesn’t enjoy lugging things up flights of stairs or up an elevator. Since cool air typically rests in lower locations, air conditioning bills will be less expensive in the summer. Street noise and overhead foot traffic is a downside to living on the bottom floor, but you will not have to worry about keeping your footsteps silent since no one is below you. Bottom floor apartments are usually more susceptible to unwanted pests, but the issue can be resolved with pest control. Living on the bottom floor may give you access to a backyard or courtyard, which is great for people with pets or kids.

Middle Floor

The middle floor is a great option for people who would rather “meet in the middle” than choose between opposing extremes when it comes to the top or bottom floor. Middle floor apartments typically have more consistent heating and cooling costs. You will have both top and bottom neighbors, but you will not be exposed to street traffic noise and you will not have to trek up countless flights of stairs, especially if your building has an elevator. 

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