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The Ultimate Guide to Declutter Your Lake Park Apartments Raleigh

There is something about Halloween and the fall season that makes you want to refresh your home. Whether that’s deep cleaning your apartment, decorating for Halloween, or decluttering and organizing your house, the start of the holiday season can challenge your productivity. Wilson Property Management wants to help you through your decluttering process while making your Lake Park apartments Raleigh feel clean and refreshed with these tips.

Create A System

Most people skip this step, but creating a system and making a list of the areas of your home that need to be organized is life-changing. Decluttering can be exhausting, and you may feel like you won’t have enough time to clean and organize your home. Here are some rules to set when creating your decluttering system for your Lake Park apartments Raleigh:

  • Identify the clutter spots at your home
  • Prioritize areas that need to be neat and clutter-free first
  • Designate specific days of the weeks to work on organizing those areas of your house
  • Work on one clutter spot at a time to optimize productivity

It’s Purge Time

Once you have identified every area of your home that needs to be cleaned out, it’s time to start the decluttering process at your Lake Park apartments Raleigh. You can begin to sort your items by separating them into a “keep” and “toss” pile to make the organization process faster and easier. This is where the ‘one clutter spot at a time’ comes into play. Start with your top priority spots, such as the kitchen pantry, closet, and garage, and find the items that no longer serve a purpose. These are a few things to add to your declutter system:

  • Do a seasonal closet cleanout
  • Organize your holiday decoration
  • Clean and organize the laundry area
  • Dispose of expired items from your pantry
  • Conduct a deep fridge cleanout

Disposing of the Decluttered Items

Once you’ve successfully decluttered your Lake Park apartments Raleigh, determine the items that are in good condition to be donated. Items such as unexpired food products from your pantry, clothing of all sizes, and school supplies can be donated to a local charity.

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Decluttering is one of the many ways to preserve the value and condition of your Lake Park apartment Raleigh, while getting the most out of your rental. At Wilson Property Management, we strive to provide you with a hands-on management approach and want to help you in every step of your renting process. For more information on how to start your leasing process or for a list of our available properties contact us today.