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Tips for College Students Looking to Rent

Every college student looks forward to the day that they get to have their own space. Maybe you had to endure the close quarters and slim privacy of the dorm life, but now it is finally time to choose your own place. This is such an exciting time, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when preparing to look for your new place.

Rise and Shine

Get off to an early start when looking for places to rent. You will be competing with other students in the area, so you want to get your foot in the door as early as possible. The summer season is a good time to go and visit potential rentals, and you may even come across more places than you thought!


Having a roommate is advantageous in that it will help you split the cost of rent and utilities. Select a proper roommate that you know will care for your new home, and apply for the rental together.

View a Minimum of Two to Three Homes

View a few different homes so you can get a feel of the range of homes that are within your budget. It is a good idea to take photos or videos as you walk through each house, regardless if you love it or not. If a home that you loved ends up getting rented to someone else, you will have backups to choose from.

Assess How the Home is Maintained

Check if there is any paint peeling off the walls, broken light bulbs, or scratched up floors. When moving in, you will also want to complete the move-in checklist and take photos/videos to document the condition of the property. Be sure that there are timestamps available on the footage to prove that you did not do the damage yourself.

We hope that these tips will help guide you in your venture to find a new home! Good luck!