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Tips for Making Your NC Property Management Home Cozy for Winter

The start of a new season always calls for a quick home refresh. While spring and summer are popular seasons when it comes to decoration styles, you can also add small details to make your home the perfect winter wonderland. Here at Wilson Property Management, the best NC property management, we love when our tenants make the most out of their rentals and properties. Let us help you turn your apartment into a cozy living space with these simple tips.

Area Rugs

Experts in property management Raleigh NC say that hardwood and tile floors can be a little cold under your feet. By adding area rugs to parts of your house such as the bedroom, hallways, and living room you’ll add extra coziness. An area rug will not only add style to your home but will also make your home feel warmer than bare floors.

Seasonal Candles and Scents

If seasonal candles don’t scream cozy, we don’t know what does. Adding seasonal candles with your favorite scents is an affordable way to make your home feel cozy and bright even on the coldest winter days. Be sure to blow out all of your candles before leaving your house or going to sleep. If your goal is to make your NC property management apartment brighter, then you can use flameless candles or LED candles to have the same effect.

Change Your Curtains

Curtains add a lot of character to a home. Switching your sheer curtains for heavier drapes will set a cozy ambiance and add elegance to your space. However, our property management Raleigh NC professionals suggest keeping your curtains open to let natural light into your home.

Throw Blankets

It wouldn’t be winter without adding some knits. A throw blanket is a perfect addition for those chilly nights where all you want to do is cozy up in your living room while watching your favorite show and drinking a hot beverage. Additionally, you can easily style your couch and bed with a throw blanket for more personality.

More Warm Colors

Lastly, make sure to add some color to your NC property management home. Perhaps by adding your favorite indoor plants, or including accent pieces of a certain color palette. Avoid using cool colors such as blue, purple, or any variation of these. Instead, think of earth tones such as burnt orange, light yellow, and certain shades of red.

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