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Tips From WPM Management to Lower your Electricity Bill This Summer

Are you freshly graduated? Looking for ways to lower your bills to maximize your savings? The number one NC property management has got you covered. With these easy tricks, you’ll be saving money and keeping cool in no time.

  • Don’t Need your A/C? Don’t Use It! 

One of the most effective ways to lower your bills is by simply turning off your A/C unit. If you are leaving for the weekend or visiting with friends in the evening, turning off your unit can save you a bunch of money. Not only are you saving money by lowering your bill, you are also saving energy, which is an important, valuable resource. Plus, with an A/C system that is in good running condition, it only takes a few minutes to bring your home back down to your desired temperature. 

  • Use Your Ceiling Fan to Your Advantage

Your new best friend is your ceiling fan. Especially in the summer months! According to a study, your ceiling fan helps cool the room by approximately 4 degrees! That means that you are able to raise the thermostat a tad without noticing any difference in temperature. The ceiling fan is a great option if you have pets at home. If you have to leave to run errands, turning the ceiling fan on for your furry friends before leaving is going to keep them cool. 

  • Sun-Block? Use Quality Blinds or Drapes

The number one culprit for hot homes? Windows. Windows, especially ones that do not possess energy-efficient technology, allow the sun’s harmful rays – and heat – to warm the inside of the home. To prevent this, NC property management specialists suggest investing in a set of blackout curtains. These can significantly reduce the amount of light entering your home.

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