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Warm Up Your Apartment

If you are renting an apartment, it is probably not feasible for you to add insulation to the walls, floors, and ceilings for those colder months. Did you know that you can warm up your home simply by decorating? Here’s how:


Hard floors, such as laminate or ceramic tile, can certainly feel chilly during the winter and fall. Adding rugs to the room can add a bit of insulation and warm it up. You can even layer several rugs for added coziness. Handmade rugs with high knot counts are great for insulation but may be more expensive. For a more affordable option, machine-made rugs are also great for warming up your floors. High-pile rugs are usually warmest, but rugs with a flat weave are much easier to clean.


If your walls feel cold, you could be losing up to one-third of the heat you pay for through conductive heat loss. Wall tapestries are a stylish fix that can help warm up those rooms with inadequate wall insulation. The heavier the material, the better. 

Window Treatments

Energy-saving window treatments can help reduce heating costs due to drafty windows. Thermal shades can block those cold drafts from entering your home and keep the heat inside. You can purchase Roman shade kits and create your own window treatments, or you can even create DIY wool curtains. If you prefer to purchase rather than create your own, look for curtains that come with detachable thermal panels. These window treatments provide better insulation.


Warm up in the cold months by creating a cozy sofa area. Keep comfort in mind when choosing pillows and throws, sticking to machine-washable fabrics for easy cleaning. You can even wrap your cushion and sections of the sofa with sheets, blankets, or throws in different patterns and textures for some extra flair. 

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