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Why You Should Get Involved in Your HOA

Have you decided to move to a home within a homeowners association? If so, consider getting involved by joining your board, attending meetings, or taking on a role in neighborhood events. This is a great way to meet neighbors as well as give your input on rules that you may disagree with. The rules and responsibilities of HOAs vary, so make sure to read your property’s handbook before moving. 

If you are interested in joining your HOA board, attending meetings is a good place to start. Ask about elections for the board, such as when and where they take place, and whether or not there are open spots available. If you are not so keen on the idea of joining the board, it is still beneficial to go to meetings, voice your opinion, and help out around the community. Here’s why you should get involved in your HOA:

Meet Neighbors

If you are new to the area and are surrounded by unfamiliar faces, getting involved in your HOA is a great way to meet neighbors and even make friends. You will see these faces on a regular basis, and it is often easier to make friends when you see people regularly. Working together to help plan events within your community will bring you closer to others and may create wonderful friendships.

Fix Problems

Have you heard similar complains from multiple people in your HOA? HOA meetings give residents a chance to address important issues within the community. If there is an issue that has yet to be solved, try coming up with solutions or creating a petition. Being a part of the HOA board will give you a chance to fix things for the good of the community. If there are rules that you feel need to be changed or new rules that need to be implemented, being on the HOA board will bring you closer to modifying the rule book.

Plan Events

Are you a social butterfly living in an HOA where no one really hangs out together? Bring your community together by joining your HOA board and planning social events/activities. Whether it be an outdoor movie night, holiday party, or neighborhood barbecue, these are all great ways to get to know the neighbors and socialize with the community. Who knows, you may be the party planner that the HOA board has been searching for!

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