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Rental House Into Wilson Rental Home- Nonpermanent Decorative Tips

A rental home is designed to be move-in ready, fit anyone’s style, and sometimes that isn’t going to cut it for tenants. Wilson Property Management is the first to understand that a house should be a home, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by adding a touch of your taste and style anywhere you can. Decorating a house is easy to do when it’s yours, but when you are a rental tenant, there can be limitations. Here is a list of 5 simple, inexpensive, and effective ways to turn your boring rental house into a welcoming rental home with Wilson Property Management


  • Paint rooms, furniture, or doors, or all of the above!

Painting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform a room or area! A coat of primer and a few coats of paint can change the mood, the feeling of the space, and the lighting in the area. While painting doors is not as traditional, adding a coat of color or switching from white to black, wood to white, etc. can transform a room into an entirely different style. However, before cracking open that paint jar, make sure that personalizing your space with some paint is allowed in your lease! If it isn’t, there are plenty of other options such as removable wallpaper, large paintings, and hanging curtains! 


  • Pay attention to lighting. 

Windows, ceiling fixtures, and lamps are all simple and efficient ways to create a specific ambiance in your Wilson rental house by changing just the lighting. What’s great about these tools is that you can change up the look of a room by adding or removing them. Windows are great sources of natural light and can easily be dressed up with nonpermanent window treatments. Ceiling fixtures have become more diverse in their design as the years go on, making it easier than ever to integrate your design concept from the floor all the way to the ceiling. A dark, rugged, iron rod, square chandelier can give your room a completely different feel than a bright white, curly candleholder. Look at pictures, figure out what type of look you are wanting to achieve, and go get it!


  • Figure out your style in your Wilson rental home. 

As we said, figure out what look you’re wanting and go get it! The easiest way to do this is by flipping through magazines, creating Pinterest boards, watching HGTV, and even getting inspiration from the homes of friends and family. A great place to start is by walking through a furniture store and looking at how the different showrooms are set up. Pay attention to colors used, patterns and textures of fabrics, decorative accents, and duh, lighting. This may jumble your ideas a bit because furniture stores are there to make any style look beautiful, but once you’re back in your space figure out what you think would go best with what you have! If a space is small, keeping colors and fabrics light and neutral will make the room feel larger. In a wide-open concept, mixing shades and fabrics of different textures and patterns can make an entire area look cohesive while still breaking up each room space by space. 


  • Don’t neglect decor. 

Pillows, lamps, rugs, accent furniture, mirrors, paintings, shelf statues, the list could go on and on with what can fall into the category of “decor.” Decor can be an inexpensive way to completely turn any room in your Wilson rental property around when painting your walls isn’t an option. If you’re on a tight budget, there are hundreds of D.I.Y. decor ideas online to get you crafty and a room looking fabulous. 

  • A tip, use cohesive, complementary colors, but add different textures and patterns (not too many though) for depth. On flat surfaces such as tables, shelves, and mantles, alter sizes and shapes of decorative pieces to create depth in these areas as well. Oh, and don’t forget the lighting!


  • There are many removable materials. 

Don’t like your pillows, but can’t afford the expensive ones you want from the store? Just make pillow covers that you can slide on and off! Want to spruce up your front porch with house numbers on your door, but aren’t allowed to drill into it? Vinyl or command strips will easily do the trick! Does your landlord not allow you to hang things on the wall with a hammer and nails? Use command hooks to hold up to 16 lbs, removable wallpaper, or stand up a piece of sheetrock that is painted and finished and tack things up on that! As tenants, you have so many nonpermanent decorative options to make the Wilson rental space you are living in, one that you love! 

If you are unaware of the extent you can go when decorating your rental property, contact Wilson Property Management and speak to one of our representatives about the details of your lease. Everybody deserves a space they love to spend time in, and we want to help you make your rental house a rental home today. 

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