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Transferring Apartments in the Same Building

Maybe you are ready to downsize or you want to move into a bigger space. Whatever the reason may be, if your apartment needs have changed, transferring apartments in your building may be the perfect solution. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing so: Contact Landlord You should first contact your […]

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Say Goodbye to These Items Before Moving

De-cluttering before you move can be overwhelming; you may feel like you are throwing every single one of your belongings away. You probably won’t use those hand towels that have never seen the outside of your linen closet at your new home if you never used them at your old one. If you are having […]

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Living in a Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment means making every square foot count. You don’t have to feel cramped just because your home is smaller than you’d like! Here are some tips on how to maximize the space inside your home: Vertical Racks Vertical racks can help prevent cluttered areas in your apartment. You can use over-the-door […]

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Protecting Your Furniture During Your Move

Moving large pieces of furniture is one of the most stressful, strenuous parts of moving, especially if you are moving on your own. Protecting your furniture should be your top priority so nothing ends up damaged or scratched before it even gets to your new home. Disassemble Your Furniture Not all furniture should be disassembled […]

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Simplify Your Move with Trash Bags

When you are preparing to move, you may panic wondering how you are going to pack all of your belongings. Do you have room for all those boxes? Where is it all going to go? You may not have realized that there are plenty of uses for trash bags when moving, and it’s not just […]

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